Internationaler Handel mit Naturprodukten aus Lateinamerika
Internationaler Handel mit Naturprodukten aus Lateinamerika

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We are a trading company of natural products from Latin America, seated and located in Hamburg, Germany.
Our company has top customers worldwide (e.g. in Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, Panama, Peru, India, Egypt, Pakistan, Nigeria, etc.).

We do business in the European market with:

  • Dried bull pizzle (main business)
  • Concentrated bile made from cattle heads (main business)
  • Ox gallstone (main business)
  • Worn out helmets and horns (main business)
  • Head of cattle bristles
  • Sharp horn
  • Brazilian hammocks made from cotton
  • Shine bone
  • etc.

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Hammocks from Brazil. 100% Cotton

Directly from Importer. Call us or write to us an email for more information.


Julian Ilave Trading

Julian Ilave

Wilhelmistraße 5

D-22605 Hamburg

Tel.   +49 40-40 17 18 69
Fax    +49 40-40 17 17 85
Mobil +49 171-528 23 71



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